from experiment to fashion staple piece


The iconic American sports jacket is a beloved piece that stood the test of time. Initially, the varsity jacket was exclusive to university sports teams, where it was worn with pride. When adopted by professional sports teams, such as the L.A. Raiders and N.Y. Knicks, the popularity of the jacket exploded. The varsity jacket entered pop culture, where its appeal was internationally spread through stars such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

After years of collecting vintage American sports jackets, Mercer’s founder Pim decided on designing his own. While maintaining the original appeal of the jacket, Pim sleeked down the original boxy design and added a high-end Mercer touch. The result is a modern luxurious twist on a classic design.

While Pim considered the Mercer varsity an experiment, the first handmade prototypes turned out to be a major hit within the Mercer team; they snapped them up and wore them 24/7. As such, the Mercer Varsity was born in 2019. Available in a range of colors, the year-round staple piece complements almost any outfit and occasion, so much so, that the Mercer team struggles to keep it in stock.

You’ll be surprised how often you wear the jacket; it really is an every day piece.

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