Mercer Amsterdam is a sustainable footwear and apparel brand founded in 2013 by Pim Dresen. Based in Amsterdam, the brand focuses on footwear and apparel for men and women. Mercer Amsterdam was named after Mercer Street in New York City where Pim bought his first pair at age 10. The accompanying shield-logo represents the map of Amsterdam. 


The product is produced in BSCI-certified factories with a heavy focus on sustainability. The main idea of the brand is to create distinct silhouettes, fully designed in-house from sole to lace to create a unique look-and-feel with a sustainable touch by using materials that are Global Recycled Standard certified, PETA certified VEGAN, Piñatex and Leather-Working-Group certified.


Mercer became well-known in 2017 for its collaborations with NASA, Beverly Hills Hotel, UCLA and Starter. Additionally, Mercer was the first brand to collaborate with Piñatex in order to create the first fully sustainable vegan sneaker made from pineapple leather. Mercer went on to create footwear from Italian grapes, Apples and mesh from plastic recovered from the ocean in collaboration with Seaqual.