Mercer Sustainability


We’re proud to have been a pioneer in sustainability for nearly 9 years. We continue to create important tools, processes and metrics to hold ourselves accountable as work with a fully sustainable product selection and supply-chain. We’re encouraging collaboration across our industry by sharing tools and developing new ideas to foster an industry-wide change.

Sustainability Change


At Mercer we want to change the perception of the consumer regarding sustainable and vegan product. We want to show the consumer it can be cool, and it can be high-end and it can be sustainable. All in one product. “It’s not all socks and sandals.”

Sustainability Innovate


We produced the first-ever sneaker made from pineapple “leather” 4 years ago and we have not stopped since. We are producing sneakers with wine leather, cactus leather, creating outsoles from algae and more. Our aim is to be at the forefront of sustainable innovation to show the market that standard materials can be interchanged for plant-based, recycled materials, and still be cool.

Sustainability Educate


At Mercer we want to educate our consumer on why it is better for the world to buy sustainable, plant-based and/or vegan products. We aim to show why some materials are better than others and what ingredients we use versus what normally is used. We want to showcase why our gold-standard leathers are better than others and what happens to shoes when the consumer throws them away.

Sustainability Recycle


Mercer closes the loop by setting up an initiative with our partner FastFeetGrinded. We encourage everyone to send back their old sneakers, which we will recycle with the help of our brand partner FastFeetGrinded. The recycled materials will in turn be re-used in the fashion and construction space to make and build new products. To encourage consumers to send us their old sneakers, we provided them with a discount code used on our website.